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Hi I'm Debbie, I use the apprenticeship model of business mentorship to help seriously driven entrepreneurs grow a business. We can help you to fast-track revenue.

My story

We help you with:

Business Growth

Feel the fear and do it anyway is great advice. That's what we do as business people. Let's face it, an accountability will help you to remain focused as you scale. 

Mentoring Other Coaches

Are you a coach/trainer who is interested in tapping into markets in other provinces or countries. We can support you in finding the resources you need.

Access Funding

Financial projections and funding applications. You can't go to the bank without a great plan. We can help you tell your story.

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Entrepreneurs' Mindset - Fast-Track Revenue 

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How to Work a Virtual Room: Walk Away With Leads

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 Our number one focus is on supporting entrepreneurs who are determined to remain in business at this trying time.

As a strategist, we are interested in developing a plan and working the plan with you. After all, it's your plan. 

We offer coaching, training and accountability to ambitious business owners and other coaches who are determined to grow.

We know that taking risk is nerve-racking, you don't need to do it alone. 

We also help business people find new markets, explore new opportunities and access funding.

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