Hi, I'm Debbie!

I help seriously driven entrepreneurs
fast-track the transition from employee
to entrepreneur so that they can generate
revenue sooner.


Business Essentials

From figuring out what to monetize, pricing a job to filing a tax return. We support you at each stage of the business. We provide resources that you need to fast-track revenue. 

Apprenticeship Model

Business can be a scary venture. That's why we use the apprenticeship model. Partnering you with a more seasoned entrepreneur will help you to develop skills to support success.

Money Matters

Whether you need a business plan to take to the bank or a less formal arrangement for funding, we provide support. We also help you develop financial literacy around business.

Are you ready to write your book?

Join us in January if you want accountability - we all want to be published authors but we don't want to write the dang thing. 

This program is designed to support you on the journey to getting that information out of your head and onto the screen. Make 2023, the year you publish your book.

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How to Work a Virtual Room:
Walk Away With Leads 

If you're tired of staring at a screen and not getting any real benefit, then you need this e-book.

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- Glenda Barrington -

"Debbie not only offered practical advice but she is open to reflection and self-awareness, this really added value for me. I would definitely recommend the 30 Day Sales Challenge for anyone investing in their business and themselves."

- Lyndsay Doyle -

Photographer, Halifax

"Working with Debbie is transformative. As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to navigate the peaks and valleys that come along with working alone, and it’s very easy to become stuck and frustrated. Every time I feel as though I’ve plateaued, I call Debbie. She helps me gain clarity and gives me the tools I need to evolve. Through a series of exercises and thought-provoking conversations, Debbie has helped me MANY times over the years get out of my own way and recognize my own potential. Her understanding of money blocks is astounding."

- Lisa Richard -

"Debbie’s ability to help me focus on the big picture assisted me in preparing for what is next in my multiple businesses. Her no nonsense approach coupled with her trustworthiness makes her the go to person for all things entrepreneurial."


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